Domain names for daughters

January 1, 0001

Though the biggest domain name purchases are probably long-gone since the initial dot-com boom, they still remain a valued property. They’ll never be as valuable as real land of course, since we can always create more of them, as opposed to things like lake-front property.

The recent mad rush for facebook profile names reminded me of this new global scale of gold rush activity. And yes, I’m a little annoyed that someone that has been farming this interweb as long as I have was offered a name like dan.tanner2 (in my day, we used Mosiac. And we liked it!). It also reminded me of something I’m hoping will come in handy for my two daughters some day - their very own short and memorable domain names.

Finding a decent available domain name is a tenaciously difficult PITA. It’s an exercise in creativity and luck, and girls names are especially tough. Not only do you have to wrestle with the general lack of availability, but also the likelihood that they’ll change their name when they get married. In my case, that’s sometime after age 28, when they’ve agreed to start dating.

In my case, my girls are named Maria Mae and Daniela Teresa. All good variants of maria and daniela were taken, which would’ve been ideal. And no last names were considered because of the potential marriage name change. After tinkering around for a while, here’s what I ended up saving for them: and They’re both fairly mnemonic, and they’re both flexible enough to last. And they’re both shorter than my domain name!

It’ll be a few years, but hopefully they’ll be useful. Not to mention give me a little boost in the cool dad category. Not that I’ll need any help in that category.

Now…where did my favorite plaid pants go?