October 16, 2010

A few months ago, I promised Maria that I would get her and Daniela a playhouse for their birthdays. I was originally going to buy them a little Step2 playhouse, which would’ve been totally fine. But my good friend Rob, a skilled woodworker, convinced me that building a playhouse was the way to go. I was a little tentative about the idea, since I hadn’t built a real structure before on my own, but he very generously offered to help (and with two kids of his own, meant that his wife Karen also very generously helped…we still can’t thank them enough!)

So I bought this plan (which I can’t find any more, so am including it here), made a few modifications, and off we went:

Starting with a pile of boards…

and a friend who know’s what he’s doing…

things started to take shape, and a lot of space!

We passed the initial kid inspection…

and had lots of “help”.

The first wall goes up…

And the playhouse is now fully operational.

But we realized that it absolutely has to be red.

Much better color!

I finished up the railing in the dark with a million mosquito friends.

One of the owner-operators.

Of course it needs a doorbell.

and a solar-powered light for late night parties.

With the trim, it’s pretty much done!